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Elevated Dining with Zwethheul

The fine-dining culture has set some rules on how fine dining should be done. But Zwethheul goes above and beyond these rules to elevate your dining experience. Nothing beats the authenticity you find in Amsterdam top sightseeing. Zwethheul sets the pace for ourselves in a competitive market of fine dining. We have 2 options for serving methods:

Family Service

Thank you for choosing us. It is such an honour to have your family dine in our restaurant. For that reason, we can arrange a serving method designed for families. Our approach is to serve your food individually, but we’ll let you get bigger side plates. This way you can share food variety with your kids and other family members. Our servers will assist you throughout the process.

English Dining Style

For fine diners who have special requests on which food should be served at their table, you may opt to have the English dining style method. Our servers will portion the food for you and your friends.

Wine Selections

Our wine bar will never run out of good wine. Most of our wines are imported from wine top-makers from Argentina, Italy, France, and Spain. If the wine you prefer is very rare and chances are we don’t have them at the bar, please include the brand during your reservation. We’ll do our best to source it for you.